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Research Philosophy

Barracuda Labs is a global multi-disciplinary research and threat analysis team that fulfills a critical role in developing innovative technologies across Barracuda Networks’ business areas. The team evaluates the threat ecosystem and creates security intelligence to defend Barracuda Networks customers. Barracuda Labs’ threat research areas, which include email, Web, network and cloud security and technology, are designed to improve the world’s security posture by promoting security awareness and education, developing and innovating new defense technologies, and working with government and law enforcement agencies to reduce cybersecurity crime.

Barracuda Labs delivers actionable threat intelligence and technologies that fuel Barracuda Networks’ family of content security, data protection and application delivery solutions. Barracuda Labs uses multiple sources of data including data sharing partnerships, commercial security data and real-time email and Web scans from customers. Barracuda Labs consists of security engineers and research scientists with an array of specializations in computing. Combine that with our more than 100,000 data sensors located at customers sites worldwide, and Barracuda Labs has one of the most complete views of the security landscape in the world.

Research Priorities

  • Protect Barracuda Networks customers by providing integrated, innovative solutions that enable worldwide secure and reliable content security, data protection and application delivery solutions for enhanced business and regulatory compliance.
  • Continue to lead the security industry as a worldwide resource for top trends and technologies in Web, messaging and networking security.
  • Work closely with government and law enforcement agencies, sharing knowledge and analysis to help reduce global Internet security threats.